Bringing the ageless beauty to your home.

Karndean Design Flooring brings the ageless beauty of natural flooring to your home without the hassle.

Floors with all the wondrous individuality of wood grain, the luminosity of marble and the subtle textures of limestone and slate, but much easier to install and look after.

Each plank and tile is carefully designed for authenticity. They don’t look uniform or manufactured, but convey all the great characteristics of natural materials. Colours are defined with variable shades and tones, just as they are in natural wood or stone.

Comfortable and practical, Karndean is softer, warmer to the touch, and easy to clean without the porous qualities of wood and some stones.

This luxury and comfort is not at expense of strengths, design flooring is hard wearing. We use the latest technology and the most durable materials to make Karndean Desginflooring last. We offer a lifetime guarantee on our floors providing you with a long lasting investment for your home.

So, why not come see our vast selection of floorings in store and choose the flooring for your future happiness.